Radio host Soul Brother Kevin fights for his life

He burned a confederate flag on stage in the middle of downtown Orlando before thousands of white people. He is a graduate of a Historically Black University, Florida A&M, who is mouthy, full of black power and pride and an icon in the Central Florida community and across all demographics.SBK

He also inherited a radio show that was in last place for over 9 years and took it to number one.

SBK or “Soul Brother Kevin,” the show-stopping sidekick of Shannon Burke on the Shannon Burke Show that aired on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, took over the show with his wit, humor and crass response to anything from current events in the news to his own private life. He reached new heights hosting one of the funniest radio talk shows Central Florida had to offer. In Central Florida, SBK was the voice on social and political issues that often echoed, exactly what black people want to say while listening to a debate between two white men on the radio. Today, still hosting his show, but in the Tampa Bay area, SBK announced he is fighting for his life as he battles stage 4 kidney disease as result of hypertension.

“My kidney function is rapidly declining and is currently operating at 17%,” he posted on his Go Fund Me page. SBK needs a kidney transplant from a living donor soon, or he will have to go on dialysis for the rest of his life. Donors need to be between the ages of 18 and early 70’s and can include parents, children, siblings and other relatives and friends. An ideal donor should have a genuine interest in donating and a compatible blood type wit the recipient.

SBK’s blood type is B+ and he can accept blood and a kidney from B and O blood type donors. SBK told, “I encouraged one of my best friends to get a check up last week. His doctor told him that he has Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. At stage 3 you can keep it from advancing.”

Unfortunately, SBK’s disease is more advanced than that of his friend. SBK said,”I now realize the importance of annual physicals. An annual physical could have detected my poor kidney function and my current medical crisis could have been avoided. Hypertension is something people usually don’t think about because most of the time there are no symptoms. I felt like I was in the best shape of my life when my doctor told me that my kidneys were failing. This is why they call it the silent killer.”

Right now, there are over 83,000 people waiting ahead of SBK for a kidney from a living donor according to the national kidney transplant list. Living donors help save lives of people battling kidney disease and they prevent patients from getting sicker.

The financial burden of having kidney disease and the kidney transplant surgery is significant. The transplant alone is around $350,000. Even with health insurance, help from his family and friends, the medical expenses he faces are astronomical. SBK’s Go Fund Me account is designed to have the community donate to help offset medical expenses ultimately helping SBK renew his good health. The donation account is located at or you can visit


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