Stop judging parents about sex education

There has been a lot talk about Josh Duggar of The Duggars Family from the show 19 Kids and Counting about sexual abusing young females. Originally, when the news broke it was never mention it was his 4 sisters and a babysitter, which makes me believe one of them girls spilled the beans about the abuse.  Think about it, they are so use to being in the spotlight. Now, Josh is getting more attention than the sister’s. Who are ready to launch their own television show.  It’s all about politic’s.

This past weekend Josh Duggar post this video for Father’s day. Where he does not mention anything about the sexual abuse, but do you notice that Anna can not look directly in the camera. Which makes me think she is running the show, you can see at certain parts her lips moving to make sure Josh does say the right thing.

Really….Is that the way to handle it? I guess so, since Jim Bob and Michelle did the same thing. They kept it low key and even ask local authorities to not make it public. TLC claims they did not know anything about it. I tend not to believe this just because they love the controversy. It could have been a rating push or how to drive traffic to the sister’s new television shows.

Here is where I will defend them (I know it is scary) but the family made the decision to get him counseling.

Back to being me, LOL. It was not the right counseling, it was within the church with a pastor who also had inappropriate sexual advances to a few of the female congregation. God forbid the girls receive counseling, since they are the ones that started this whole mess. Yet, they are asking God for help for their son. What about the girls!!!

Which it is sad to say, this is the way society thinks about victims and their perpetrators. It is always the victim fault as they are the one asking it. How is a 7 year old girl asking for it, by wearing a tank top? She was not the one that bought the shirt! Also it is Florida, it’s about 100 degrees in the summer. Again, how is it a 7 year old girl fault?!?!?

I am not trying to throw stones into a glass house. As I have my fair share of being judge on how I handle my life and raising Diva. I continue to do it, because I have made a difference in a few people lives. To me that is a great success!

I firmly believe the more resources there is about sex education the more we can empower our children to do the right thing and protect themselves. The bonus is, it will help parents and caregivers know what the right response is and where to get professional help.  Often that is where other’s judge the parent. They should know these things. REALLY!!!! I did not get into sex education until after I discovered what happen to my daughter. I did the opposite of what other people did and still try to find new ways on how to help my daughter to be the best she can be!

Let’s agree to disagree on how other parents handle crisis.

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Later days,



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