Preventing Crime In The Black Community


Preventing Crime In The Black Community

by William Jackson, Instructor with Edward Waters College

“Preventing Crime In The Black Community Conference”

Speaking at the PCBC conference in Tampa, Florida over 1200 middle and high schools

students attended from Urban Leagues throughout the state of Florida, attending the

30th Annual Conference of this educational and motivational conference. Attended by law

enforcement personnel from across the state as well, provided students an opportunity to

meet and interact with law enforcement men and women. Developing an understanding

of how to interact and engage with each other on a level of mutual respect and trust.

Speaking on Social Media Safety and SWAG, the potential of being recruited by extremist

organizations both foreign and domestic is real, the students are learning that their digital

content can keep them from employment, educational, and military opportunities.

Educational Implications

Access to online resources provides knowledge, education and empowerment beneficial to

students, knowledge base and development of a Brand they can Market. Students must be

taught to value knowledge and how to use it to increase the ability of virtually apply for jobs

and attend virtual educational opportunities. Youth may have the highest scores in Grand

Theft Auto, Madden, defeat aliens in Halo or can mimic the moves better than Michael

Jackson in “Michael Jackson, The Experience” (Wii), how many can create a PowerPoint

presentation, modify a Word document, send an email attachment and write a blog with

correct spelling, grammar and literary comprehension? These are employment skills that

are needed to survive in today’s high tech world.

Employers are Wise to Social Media

Employers are involved in social networking; they are researching students content, looking

to see if potential employees have questionable social patterns and lifestyles. Mike Hargis

of, “Twenty-two percent of employers say they use social networking

sites when evaluating job candidates”, this should say to youth of today stop putting pictures

that attract attention to them as being “sexy, down, gangsta, thugs, and even gay in some

cases. ” Students may hurt their chances of employment, military service or admission to

higher educational institutions. Danger is further felt for those employed run the risk of being

“let go” because of questionable behavior online, content on their sites and lying about their

backgrounds. Social sites can be used to highlight skills with technology, management of

information and finance, the ability to navigate web sites that build professionalism and

connectivity to the business world.


Preventing Crime In The Black Community

Wm Jackson Presenting


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