Panera Vegetable Soup

Panera Vegetable Soup from

Can we just all agree that soup heals the body and the soul? I feel like soup when I’m sick or even when I’m having a bad day. Soup heals all, right? I eat soup all year long…it doesn’t matter how hot it is. I think the craving for soup when I’m sick comes from my childhood, probably yours too right? My mom would make us a good chicken and rice soup when we were sick.

I have been dealing with some crazy health issues for the last few months. I wrote a little bit about it when I shared these chicken wings. I ended up not having an upper endoscopy but a bronchoscopy because a CT scan showed a lot of pneumonia going on in my lungs. And then 6 weeks ago, I ended up in the hospital.

I have a huge appreciation for nurses, nurses who go above and beyond every day. And I have a greater appreciation for what it’s like to be a patient in a hospital. This was my first time in the hospital and my first time in an ER. You don’t know how it is until you experience it, it’s one of those things and until you understand how to navigate pushing the button to get the nurses’ attention, asking for medications including pain medications.

When I was in the hospital, they told me it would take a full two months before I would get a definitive answer on what I have…on what was causing my persistent cough and trouble breathing. And now, we’re almost six weeks in and the medications they gave me are working. Thank goodness for that. Sorry for being cagey about what I have…I will probably share once I get word they are 100% sure.

When Curtis took me home from the hospital after my bronchoscopy procedure, he went to Panera to pick up soup and sourdough rolls for me. He came home with a cup of of their Low-Fat Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup with Pesto. Besides their broccoli cheddar soup, their garden vegetable soup is one of my favorites!

It has so much flavor and and it’s so soothing! I have been wanting to make a homemade or copycat version at home for some time now!

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