Caribbean Carnaval Buffet and Show at Sapphire Falls

Full disclosure: our meals were comped.

Caribbean Carnaval is a new buffet and floor show at theLoews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando. It takes place underneath an un-walled roofed pavilion in a cove accessible to guests down a long hallway past convention rooms, down a staircase and through a door to the cove.

The food is a buffet island dishes with fish, beef and chicken. Several side dishes were various exotic vegetables mixed in sauces. The highlight was the giant apple-mouthed whole-bodied hog sleeping on a table, its innards removed and replaced with piles of cooked pork.

The show is non-stop high energy island music. It’s set up like you’re taking a trip. The host bounces from island to island, with new songs inspired by each island. It’s a mix of pop songs with Latin themes all the way to Rihanna. The backup band is solid and the singers are fun. The stage is roaming with dancers. While there are only 4, the choreographer makes full use of them. They always seem to be coming from a different entrance and exiting through another corridor, all the while changing costumes from one color-splashed outfit to the next.

The show is FUN! Your kids will enjoy it. Old people will sit and watch and enjoy it. It never gets boring.


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