Bye Bye, Hypeorlando

hypeORL_badge_Original50Wishing I didn’t have to write this but is being pulled by the Orlando Sentinel and our blogs will cease to exist through this platform, effective April 30. As a group, we’re hoping to pop up in another site, so stay in touch through Twitter (SusanYoung13) or FaceBook (Susan Daoust Young) for updates.

In early 2014 a good friend heard about this cool opportunity to write a blog for the Orlando Sentinel and I jumped at it with much trepidation, as I had absolutely no confidence in myself as a writer of blogs. I had only dabbled in my own personal site Hippies to Boomers and fumbled around WordPress,making it up as I went along. Hearing about an entity that would take care of all the administration, along with promotion, sounded terrific. All I’d have to do was come up with content and I’d have total autonomy over that.

We were a small group at the start but we’ve grown to a diverse blogging community, which has provided lots of love and support. Kim Grimes Hayes was our intrepid manager with the help of Tiffini Theisen, then Katie Parsons and Lori Todd took over. All were so helpful, never judged and gave us free reign with our posts (even when I’d get political, setting my potty mouth free).

If you could find us on the Orlando Sentinel’s online presence, we were a motley crew writing about technology, parenting, travel, cars, animal rescue, sex, politics, education, beer, food… did I mention sex? I’m sure I left something out.

For me, it was four years of growing, learning and building up my confidence. It pushed me to finally embrace Instagram and Twitter, which led me to being “discovered” by a rather well-known, in the industry, travel site, offering me a paid free-lance gig. Lots of doors were opened to many of us over the years and I am grateful to the Sentinel and the supportive staff, who gave us a platform to be heard.

Hopefully, Forever Young and the rest of my buds will land somewhere else in cyberspace and you’ll find and follow us, once again. We’ll be in touch…